Su'ad Egan (Carribean)

Mujahid Egan – Irish
Su'ad Egan – Caribbean
Were a Christian family from Church Of Christ
Became Muslims in Jan 1995

"We had been Christians for several years prior to becoming Muslims and the only thing we knew about Islaam was basically what the West had taught us and the only thing we read was by other Christians and it was written just to refute Islam. Eventually we left the church because we became disillusioned by the Bible, because it contained so many contradictions and lies. We stripped it of its, traditionalism and culturalism and paganism to go back to the raw religion. Because my husband had taken a course in Church history it exposed the bible as an unreliable document. Simultaneously, my husband had questioned whether Muhammad (Peace be upon him) was a real Prophet. We just continued to study. He read the life of the Prophet, which helped to convince us more. For me, having taught Muslim children in school, they taught me the proper reverence due to Allaah. Eventually, after more study we accepted Islaam as the true religion.

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