The Pursuit of Happiness: Islam

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It never ceases to amaze me the clarity of thought that reverts to Islam have. With simple, personal observations, they convey the same things which other Muslims may overlook. A case in point is the testimonial from Harry E. Heinkel. From his speech, it is apparent that he persisted in seeking out the truth, not giving up until he made a thorough research of various religions and not biasing himself to preconceived notions or prejudices that were imposed on him.

I began a study of other world religions, as well as various \"ologies\" and \"isms.\" All this was followed by agnosticism and atheism. However, there is, I believe, in mankind an innate certainty deeply rooted which persists in proclaiming the fact that there is a God, a Divine Creator, Master of the universe. But not the God who glories in bloodshed, atrocities and sensuousness. It was this \"innate certainty\" which caused me to return to a further study of religion.

I found that Islam appeals to one's reason; it does not contain the pessimism of Buddhism; it is not void of Divinity like Shintoism or Confucianism, nor is it a money made religion. I found that it invites and encourages the pursuit of knowledge.

For the one searching for a purpose in life , or realizing who their Creator is, what His Attributes and Characteristics are, we encourage you to seek out the truth, and not let partiality or prejudice hinder your pursuits. If you doubt in having an \"innate certainty\" to the existence of your Creator and your duty to Him, at the very least encourage yourself with the \"pursuit of knowledge\" until you find happiness.

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