Islam was so repulsive to me

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AbdulWahed created the topic: Islam was so repulsive to me
In reference to a recent post,

Invitation for the Popes to (Accept) Islam

it is recommended for those truly seeking the truth, to ponder on the story of Mumin Abdur-Razzaque from Ceylon. A practicing Roman Catholic, he held Islam in abhorrence till he realized for himself the obvious: his hatred and his preconceived notions about Islam could not silence the voice inside him from accepting the Truth.

The Noble Qur'an is full of truths, and its teachings are practical and free from dogmatic tenets and mysteries!

As a Roman Catholic, I had the opportunity of studying the Catholic faith to a great extent. I was doing my best to convince myself that Catholicism was the only true faith, but alas! its mysteries, dogmas and the compulsory "must believes" did not permit me to remain quiet.

I started my search for the Truth and remained engaged in this for many years quite silently. In Hinduism and Buddhism, I found such 'vacant spots' that the only alternative left to me was to study Islam. At one time, I really held Islam in abhorrence. I had no Muslim friends; for Islam was so repulsive to me that I did not want even to associate with its adherents.

Little did I dream that... books on Islam would make a new person of me. I was gradually becoming so attracted to the lovely teachings of Islam that it did not take me long to sincerely go further into it. I began to love Islam because of its straight forwardness and non-mysterious path.

It is clean and simple, yet so full of deep studies that I soon felt the inevitable was drawing nigh. The Noble Qur'an, some passages of which I read, simply struck me with wonder, for I had the idea that there was nothing to rival the Bible. I found, however, that I was hopelessly mistaken in this. Indeed, the Noble Qur'an, is so full of truths, and its teachings so practical and free from dogmatic tenets and mysteries, that I was daily being drifted into the religion of `Peace and Love' which Islam certainly is.

Mumin Abdur-Razzaque Selliah, Ceylon

Information about the Noble Quran:

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