Islam fits.

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I have accepted Islam because it fits in so well with my own ideas

A person becomes a truer Christian or a Jew by way of Islam, than by any way advocated by the Christian or Jewish people to-day. In Islam, there is tolerance and an acknowledgement of universal brotherhood. So, I may say, that I have accepted Islam because it fits in so well with my own ideas about Allah and His beautiful plan. It is the only Faith I can really understand. Indeed, such is its simplicity and beauty that even a little child can understand it.

Amina Le Fleming


There is no version of Christianity which is really satisfactory. Christians believe that because of the fall of Adam and Eve, all human beings are born in a state of original sin, and are unable by their own actions to merit Heaven.

Muslims, however, do not believe that people are punished for the sin of Adam and Eve. They believe that all human beings are born of innocence, and can only lose their hope of Heaven by their own sins when they are old enough to be guilty of deliberate wrong-doing.

Khadija F.R. Fezoui


For some more "not-so-well-known" beliefs of the Muslims, please refer to the following pamphlet:

Check out Question 7!!

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