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This German lady was raised in a convent but still managed to find Islam and accept it, demonstrating how there is no one common denomination to being muslim.

Islam - My Choice

One day, my son (with tears in his eyes) said: \"I do not want to remain Christian any longer, I want to be a Muslim. You too should join this new faith with me.\" That was the first time I felt like I had to link myself with Islam. Years past before I came in contact with the Imam (Leader of the Congregational Prayer) of the Berlin Mosque, who introduced me to Islam. I came to recognize that Islam was the true religion for me. Belief in the Trinity of the Christian faith was impossible for me even when I was twenty. After studying Islam I also rejected confession, the holiness and the recognition of the supreme power of the Pope, baptism, etc., and thus I became Muslim.

My ancestors were all sincere believers and pious persons. I was brought up in a convent and hence I inherited a religous attitude towards life. This demanded that I should associate myself with one religous system or the other. I was indeed very fortunate and comforted as I decided to join the religion of Islam.

Today I am a very happy grandmother, because I can claim that even my granschild is born Muslim.
\"Allah guides whom He pleases to the Right Path\"

Mrs. Amina Mosler

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