Us women...Our Mothers...How do u feel sister ?

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Shajeda Khanom created the topic: Us women...Our Mothers...How do u feel sister ?
Asalamu alaikum ALL
Especially my sisters...

Alhamdulillah, it fills me with joy everytime i read/tlk about the status of women in Islam, bcos Islam is a true religeon whereby Women have been blessed with such a Superior role in society and religeon.
People think that we as muslim women are opressed and dooomed...yet they dont understand the \"special\" feeling we have whcih only we as Muslim women have the priveligge to feel, have, live with and take with us! to the hereafter (Insh'allah Janat!)
Allah himself has written so beautifully about us women of Islam...

\"And from His signs is this: That He created for you wives amongst yourselves, so that you may find serentiy and tranquility in them. And He placed between you affection and mercy. Indeed in this are signs for those who reflect.\" [Sooratur Room 30:21]

WOW everytime i tink about the importence of a woman i feel the need to go out there and gain more knowledge for my children and the generations to come after that...For me to know that my LORD my KING has given us WOMEN so much importence makes me strive that bit further to making myself more and more like the Mothers, whom truely were examples for us and our Mothers. SObhan'allah The actions, the beautiful words, the wisdom, and the commitment the Mothers had was so inspirational...That again everytime i read about the Mothers in Islam i feel the need to follow the sunnah of our Mothers in order to show the true beauty and characteristics us Muslim women Have, to other so that they can look and learn for themselves we're not OPRESSED we're OVER the moon and Loving it LARGE!!!!!!!!

W'asalamu alaikum
Sister in Islam
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