Bin-Humaid decries attack on Saudi Prince

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Imam and Khatib at the Grand Mosque, Saleh Bin-Humaid condemned the terror attack on Prince Muhammad bin Naif, assistant interior minister for security affairs, in his Friday sermon at the Grand Mosque in Makkah.

The imam was referring to an attack in which a suicide bomber attempted to kill Prince Muhammad at his home in Jeddah on Thursday night.

Bin-Humaid exhorted Muslims to be God-fearing and virtuous, particularly in the holy month of Ramadan. “Congratulations to our leader and ruler, to the crown prince and to all people in the country who love it. They (the terrorists) did not target him (Prince Muhammad) alone but all those whom he represents and are proud of him,” Bin-Humaid said in his sermon.

“The heinous deed of these wicked and misguided people has betrayed their lunacy and foolishness. Their horrendous attempt on the life of the prince reveals the weakness of their ideas and objective. The prince and his men with their correct ideology, sound planning, determination, courage and above all with the blessings of Almighty Allah have driven those wretched men out of their hiding places. Now they have no option but to undertake dastardly acts such as this. Thank Allah for keeping the land of the Two Holy Mosques safe and peaceful. Citizens, residents, pilgrims, visitors and worshippers are all living in total safety,” he said.

The khatib warned people against being influenced by the unhealthy aspects of the modern concepts of liberalism, freedom of thought and individual freedoms.

Indirectly referring to a Saudi man’s bragging about his sex life on LBC’s “Bold Red Line” last month, the imam said: “Personal freedom does not mean permissiveness and satisfaction of carnal desires. Life is not just enjoying one’s lustful desires and yielding to crude impulses. Liberalism and freedom of thought do not mean lack of accountability and negligence of moral values,” he said.

“It is in fact a public display of his own shameful sins. We all know that public announcement of shameful deeds amounts to tearing apart the protection given by Almighty Allah and challenging Him with disobedience. The exhibition of one’s moral aberration also indicates one’s religious and moral standards.”


The above news just goes to show that terrorists with Muslim names are not just enemies of non-Muslims but rather they are bigger enemies of Muslims. And in particular the Muslim rulers. Since the time of the 3rd Caliph of Islam, Uthmaan (may Allah be pleased with him), these Khariji renegades have tried to attack the leaders of the Muslims alleging that they are not just or they are oppressive. Are bombings, acts of terrorism, kidnappings, etc. acts of justice and piety?
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