ISIS: A Con Game Rooted in Political Ideology

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A recent article in the Huffington Post entitled How ISIS Recruited Collin Gordon, Former Thompson Rivers University Student discusses the con game employed by ISIS and its social media shock and awe jihadist appeal. It is one of the few reports in the media that exposes ISIS (or al-Qaeda and similar groups) as highly politicised and revolutionary instead of ultra-religious. The article discusses Collin Gordon, a Canadian convert and university student who got sucked into the ISIS vortex.

Here is an excerpt:

RU Political Science professor Derek Cook hosted a forum last night to try and address how Gordon and other young men like him end up joining the extremists.

"How could that be, that young people are being seduced to join a group of mass murderers that have an ersatz view of Islam, and really, are pretending to advocate religious ideology when they are advocating a political ideology?" he asked.

"It's a con game. It's phony. They're fooling people into joining them," he answered.

"This group needs to be confronted and identified for what it is: a variation on political neo-fascism, not a religious movement," he said

Because ISIS has been able to weave a compelling narrative around it, it has been successful in drawing in said young people in the West who see injustice and want to act to combat it.

"ISIS is extremely effective in propaganda and in using social media," Cook said.

Sadly, most media reports portray ISIS as ultra Islamic and conservative (a sense of the "true Muslim") which has tainted the image of Islam and Muslims at large, particularly those living in the West who are peaceful and good citizens who contribute to the economy and positive wellbeing of society. The websites Islam Against Extremism has sought to clarify the reality of Islam and the reality of Jihadist extremists such as ISIS, connecting the dots on their founders and ideologies which trace back to the early days of the Muslim Brotherhood movement in Egypt and are rooted in fascist communism. We hope to open up more on this topic in the coming months.
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