Salafis, Their Scholars and Terrorism

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From the book entitled \"In Defense of Islam in Light of the Events of September 11th\" published in 2002 by TROID Publications, Saudi Scholar, Zayd Ibn Haadee al-Madkhaalee speaks about terrorism saying:

Shaykh Zayd al-Madkhalee says in his work al-Irhaab (terrorism), “So what is the kidnapping of people in airplanes, and on the ground (i.e. buses, trains), or those walking in the streets, and the killing of the leaders, and bombing government installations to destroy their sanctity, except from the forms of wicked, filthy terrorism. And what is the evil planning of overthrowing the government leaders (coups), and the rulers of this Ummah, and the killing of their police and their deputies who maintain the nations. [Killing, and terrorizing] upon other than the Islaamic legislation, rather by way of innovated disorder, except a form of rejected terrorism of which they have been inclined towards, and has been made pleasing to their hearts by devils from the humans and the Jinn. So they fall into this sinful crime (the sin of terror) without [finding] anything in the Religion to impede them, or any concern for any leader, or shyness from the Creator, or mercy for the creation, because they have sold their souls to the devil, the one who has enmity to the human and the Jinn, obediently and by choice, so evil is this transaction of theirs, and wicked is this action. For they have traded guidance for misguidance, and forgiveness for punishment.\"

This book was published in 2002 and geared towards the Muslim reader, with the hopes of clarifying the transgressions of the terrorists, removing misplaced sympathy for them (on the part of some of the Muslims) and clarifying pure Islam in light of the misconceptions. It is one of many full-scale efforts to expose the methodology and false-concepts of the terrorists.

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