Islam's War on Terror - Clarification to the Media

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In 2005, the community at Salafipublications in the UK took up the task of clarifying to the Muslim community in the UK and the media, the reality of the terrorists, their groups, the false concepts and their concoction of uprising, revolt and terror under the veil of Islam. The lecture touches on statements from the Salafi Scholars for decades, as well as the problem of the khawaarij (the renegade terrorists) and how they have terrorized the Muslim societies for centuries. The lecture alludes to the fact that the call of as-salafiyyah is pure orthodox Islam and its scholars and speakers are from the ones who have given the most concern for refuting these ideologies and protecting the Muslims from their devience. It should serve as a real eye-opener for those who have not made the determination betweek orthodox Islam and radicalism and extremism, which is often the case.

From the points to reflect upon:

- This group, known to the Muslims as 'al-Khawaarij' is an old movement, who started their terror in the first century of Islam by declaring some of the Companions of Muhammad (May Allah Raise his Rank and Grant Him Peace) to be disbelievers and killed some of them

- The motivation for their terror is their enmity to Muslim rulers and Governments, today and yesteryear. It is the focal point of their movement and their false-reasoning for the the need for uprising and fighting the governments to establish 'their version of an Islamic state'

- They (the khawaarij) declare any ruler (and the government and apparatus) who they believe 'does not rule by the rule of Allah' to be apostate, they then move to the government agencies, departments, law forces down to anyone who remains silent about the rulers and government to be apostates, thus opening up a door to wage war, with the goal of attaining their own leadership

- Terrorism is a modern phenomenon in the Western world in comparison to the constant barrage of attacks in the Muslim worlds and is thus it is very much a 'Muslim World Problem' first, something the Muslims scholars and governments have been faced with for centuries, it is not focused solely on non-Muslims.

- If Saudi Arabia is a source of terror which not only backs but provides the 'radical education' (as it was claimed) in their institutes and from their scholars, why then do the Terrorists constantly attack targets in Saudi Arabia?

- The Khaarijee (Renegade) Terrorist hold that anyone who is Muslim even, and commits a sin, is a disbeliever, in fact, an apostate, opening up a door towards the objective of overtaking the lands - a concept foreign to Islam and its scholars, past and present and a contradiction of the Qur'an as it is stated by Allah: \"Verily, Allah forgives not that partners should be set up with him in worship, but He forgives except that (anything else) to whom He pleases, and whoever sets up partners with Allah in worship, he has indeed invented a tremendous sin.\" (Qur'an, 4:48)

- The most potent source of terrorism is the speaker and lecturer who calls to this perverse ideology, as they are the ones who plant the seeds of hate and violence, many of whom were thrown out of the Muslim lands finding refuge and protection in the West for too many years.

- The Terrorist preachers often misconstrue and misinterpret verses from the Qur'an for advancement of their own political agenda, warping the minds of the mostly young people who they target. A trick of any radical in any religion.

- The terrorist center their call around an offensive war against everyone who opposes them (Muslim or non-Muslim) and claim this to be the call of the Prophets and Messengers. Far removed from the verse in the Qur'an, \"And I (Allah) created not the jinns and humans except they should worship Me (Alone).\" (Adh-Dhariyat 51:56) indicating the purpose of creation being worship of the One God (Allah). Or the verse in the Qur'an which indicate dialogue and discussion when preaching Islam to non-Muslims, \"Say (O Muhammad): \"O people of the Scripture (Jews and Christians): Come to a word that is just between us and you, that we worship none but Allah, and that we associate no partners with Him, and that none of us shall take others as lords besides Allah. Then, if they turn away, say: \"Bear witness that we are Muslims.\" (Qur'an, 3:64) How does this dialogue and potential agreement come about if the terrorist renegades’ objective is to obliterate most of mankind. It should be understood that terror and Islam do not mix, and as per usual, Religion is dragged in to the mix as a rally-call for the unsuspecting person, just as it was in N. Ireland during 'the troubles' and wherever else radical aggression is sought by a politically motivated group.

- The taking of lives through murderous killing (and suicide bombing) employed by the terrorists is reprimanded in the Qur'an, \"O you who believe! Eat not up your property among yourselves unjustly except it be a trade amongst you, by mutual consent. And do not kill yourselves (nor kill one another). Surely, Allâh is Most Merciful to you.\" (Qur'an, 4:29)

- An open question is posed to the Muslim leaders within the Western lands, concerning their wide-spread vocal condemnation of terrorist acts in the West immediately after they happen. Where was your voice in the past condemning suicide bombings in Isreal? in Palestine? in Riyaadh? Perhaps some of these leaders indirectly fueled senseless emotionalism for decades by focusing their sermons around the realities of the oppression in the Muslim lands whilst not being balanced in condemning acts of terrorist evil within those lands at the same time. Where were their Published books, free booklets, fliers, cds, cassettes and open lectures and sermons condemning terrorism, explaining the evils of it, openly rebuking its leaders and preachers? Instead, after the fact, out of fear and self-preservation, very public announcements are made condemning the terrorist acts in their country of residence (in the West). And amazingly, simultaneously, rather than teach and educate their communities in depth about how these things oppose Islam, they simply a) free themselves and b) point a finger, sometimes in the direction of the Salafees, who in contrast have been on the front-lines condemning all acts of terrorism throughout the world, and condemning the terrorists and more importantly their 'theological leaders' for decades and those works are apparent on their internet sites, books, cds and so on. So the open question remains, where are you efforts through the decades, pre 9/11 for example?

- Protesting and Rallies (something widely endorsed by many of the self-titled 'moderate' groups) is something not endorsed by the Salafee Scholars, as it is not a form of rectification, it is a forum for potential disorder and an invitation for those who are moderate to be disgraced by those who are radical and will embarrass and taint the image of the Muslims in that land. This shows the deep concern for preventing discord and upheaval on the part of the moderate salafee scholars.

Although it is disappoiting that the distinction is not often made in the media between Orthodox Islam and Radicalism, it must be understood (to the Muslims) that these matters require constant clarification and understanding as the people of terror and uprising often take on a persona of someone who is very religions (Islamic) with beards and traditional Islamic Attire, so it is only natural for some (who are uninformed of the reality) to be confused. We invite the Muslims to clarify these affairs to their colleagues, neighbours etc. with the best of manner and conduct, always exemplifying good character and understanding.

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Scholars hit back at 'evil' bombers
Lecturers tour mosques to win over youth

Martin Wainwright
Friday July 29, 2005
The Guardian

Qur'anic scholars started a tour of Muslim communities in Britain yesterday to underline their unequivocal horror at suicide bombings and terror attacks.
Using texts from both the Qur'an and 1,200 years of Islamic jurisprudence, they will speak in Bradford, Birmingham, Sheffield and London after an initial meeting in Leeds where three of the July 7 bombers lived.

Seven lecturers are addressing open meetings in English, Arabic and Somali in a programme entitled Islam's War on Terror, backed by posters and leaflets which describe suicide bombers as \"perpetrators of evil\".

\"We have been arguing this case for many years, with regard to such bombings overseas, including in Muslim countries such as Saudi Arabia and Egypt,\" said Asfal Choudhary, one of the organisers of the opening meeting in Leeds. \"But now there is all the more need for the voice of truth to be heard.\"

More than 150 people listened to 90 minutes of closely argued reasoning at the Pakistan community centre in Harehills, Leeds, where the attacks were condemned as contrary to every principle of Islam. Abu Khadeejah Abdul-Whaid, a scholar from Birmingham, accused radical clerics such as Abu Hamza, formerly of the Finsbury Park mosque in London, of \"poisoning young minds\" with an entirely false version of the religion.

He deplored the combination of human rights laws and constant media attention which gave exiled radicals in Britain a platform to \"preach evil\" for more than a decade and commit acts absolutely abhorrent to Islam such as circulating videos of terrorist beheadings and other atrocities. Twisting of the concept of jihad had led to grandiose visions of \"Islamic empires\" and the right to kill so-called \"apostates\" (disloyal Muslims) which were nowhere supported in the Qur'an.

\"I become a target. You become a target,\" he said. \"The terrorists make no distinctions and are absolutely indiscriminate. It is the most disgraceful of crimes.\"

A simplistic anti-American feeling had also led people to claim sectarian terrorists in Iraq, or even Saddam Hussein, as Muslim or Arab heroes when they were nothing of the sort.

He also called on mosques and communities to address the problem of disaffected Muslim youth in Britain. He told the meeting: \"They have a burden of personal baggage - confusion about their culture, identity and religion - and we must make it clear that we understand this and care about it. We must get out on to the streets and speak to them on their level. Because if we do not, Hamza and Bin Laden will.\"

The meeting also discussed the issue of raising the level of understanding of Islam in British mosques, and the effects of a lack of intellectual training - and also experience of the west - among some imams recruited from overseas. Abu Khadeejah said that it was a cause for concern that of 105 mosques in Birmingham, only one conducts Friday sermons in English.

\"Our mosques should have more contact with all communities and that is a handicap,\" he said. \"There is a danger that we spend too much time discussing foreign politics instead of addressing the problems of Muslims here.\"


NOTE: The journalist refers to the term 'scholars'. The Salafi lecturers and preachers regard themselves as mere conveyors of the truth and students of knowledge. They themselves refer back to the Major Scholars of the Salafi Creed and Methodology both past and present.<br><br>Post edited by: admin, at: 2006/07/03 14:13

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Evening Standard - West End Final (4th Edition) Friday 29th July 2005


\"A GROUP of Islamic scholars(1) has launched a nationwide tour to spread the message that the Koran judges terrorism as \"evil\", writes Paul Waugh. In a huge boost to Tony Blair's call for Muslims to tackle extremists head-on, the seven experts will speak in London, Birmingham and Sheffield under a new campaign entitled \"Islam's War on Terror\".

Using the Koran and more than 1000 years of Islamic rulings, they will accuse radical clerics of \"poisoning young minds\" with a false version of their religion. In recognition that two of the latest terror suspects originated in Africa, the lectures will be conducted in Somali as well as Arabic and English.

The scholars will describe suicide bombers as \"perpetrators of evil\" and denounce videos of terrorists beheading captives. Birmingham-based scholar(1) Abu Khadeejah Abdul-Wahid said the concept of Jihad had misinterpreted and that British mosques had to address the problem of disaffected youths.\"

(1) FOOTNOTE: The journalist refers to the term 'scholars'. The Salafi lecturers and preachers regard themselves as mere conveyors of the truth and students of knowledge. They themselves refer back to the Major Scholars of the Salafi Creed and Methodology both past and present.


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