Toronto Sun: Muslims Slam Terror Tactics

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Sat, July 22, 2006
Muslims slam terror tactics
Sect condemns extremist elements of Islam


As a Muslim, Aboo Khadeejah has trouble understanding why some within his religion condone Palestinian suicide bombers and militants around the world bent on killing themselves and others in the name of Islam.

Even if the Palestinians are genuinely oppressed, he said, it's still no justification to kill oneself and others, he said during a lecture at The Reign of Islamic Da'wah Centre (TROID) on Weston Rd. yesterday.

\"Allah didn't say, 'Don't kill yourselves, unless you're in Palestine,' did he? Allah didn't say, 'Don't kill yourselves, unless you're in the London tube, did he?'\" Khadeejah said. \"Allah said, 'Don't kill yourselves.'\"

Khadeejah, 36, a Salafi Muslim from Birmingham, England, condemned the extremist elements of Islam -- whom he said are exploiting disenchanted young Muslims around the world -- in front of about 60 Toronto-area Muslims yesterday.


The lecture was part of a weekend seminar called al-Khawaarj (renegade terrorists): A Legacy of Evil, running this weekend at the Weston Rd. Islamic facility.

TROID secretary Umar al-Haashimee, 26, said it's part of an effort to educate Muslims and non-Muslims about what specifically in the Koran forbids modern-day terrorism.

\"More has to be done within the Muslim community to get the message out. To say that 'terrorism is bad' is not enough,\" al-Haashimee said. \"We have to show why it's bad.\"

Khadeejah is the minister of religious affairs for Salafi Publications in Birmingham.

The Salafis are a minority in the Muslim world, and believe in modelling their lives and beliefs after the companions, or disciples, of prophet Mohammed, who numbered about 114,000 at the time of the prophet's death, Khadeejah said.

About 200 to 300 Salafis live in Toronto, Haashimee said.


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