O Muslims: Openly Free Yourselves!

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The Call to Islam: Rooted in Extremism or Gentleness?

The actions of extremist elements amongst Muslims do not represent pure and moderate orthodox Islam. Here is a quote from one of the better respected Islamic Scholars of Saudi Arabia.

It is Upon You to Openly Free Yourselves!

\"So I say it is upon you O Muslims, and you are neighbours to those who are not Muslims, it is upon you that if there appears those who blemish the perfect image of al-Islaam from those deviant sects and those that have deviant thoughts and those who jeopardise safety, it is upon you to announce that you are free from them in the papers , upon the radio, in the lectures in the mosque, in the Friday sermons, so that your neighbours may know – the non Muslims - that these events from bombings and kidnappings and assassinations are not from Islaam and have nothing to do with Islaam rather they are strange ways even if the people practicing them may be Muslim. So that your neighbours may know that the religion of Islaam is a religion of gentleness, a religion of safety, and that it is a religion that preserves the rights, preserves the rights of the Muslims and like wise the rights of the non-Muslims.\"

- Dr. 'Ubayd al-Jaabiree (Retired Professor, Madinah University) - Recorded 11-06-2004

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