Saudi Mufti Rebuts Pope's Statements

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Mufti of Saudi Arabia ('Abdul 'Azeez Aal Ash Shaykh) Rebuts Pope's statements

In a rebuttal of the pope's statements, the grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia, the noble scholar 'Abdul 'Azeez Aal Ash Shaykh stated:

\"Our religion of Islam is a forgiving religion, it does not condone the use of force or terrorism. The Messenger Muhammad, may peace be upon him, was sent with it to all mankind, a religion that rejects the use of force over Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Oppression is forbidden in our legislation, Islam prohibits oppression. Allah says in a Qudsee Hadeeth (a prophetic narration from Allah to Muhammad):

\"O my servants, indeed I have prohibited oppression upon myself, and I have prohibited it amongst you so do not be oppressive.\"

The Prophet, may peace be upon him, said:
\"Beware of the oppressed one's prayer, for indeed there is no veil between it and Allah.\"

It is for this reason that Allah has made the punishment of those who cause mischief on earth the most severe. Allaah said:

{The recompense of those who wage war against Allaah and His Messenger and do mischief in the land is that they be killed or crucified or their hands and feet be cut off from opposite sides, or that they be exiled from the land. That is their disgrace in this world, and a great torment is theirs in the Hereafter.}

In rebutting the claim that the religion the Prophet came with is 'evil' and is 'spread by the sword' the Mufti commented:

This is a lie, the Messenger, may peace be upon him was sent as a mercy to mankind, Allaah says:
{We have not sent you except as a mercy to mankind}

Whoever deliberates over the conflicts that took place between past religions would find that if a religion was victorious over the other, they would destroy kill and take prisoners from the other. Islam came with mercy for all creation through the beauty of the Islamic legislation which establishes justice, fairness and advocates the grounds for security and stability in communities. He added:

Islam is ever so distant from terrorism, and it did not spread except through people's conviction that it is the truth, those who saw the goodness in Islam, its justness and organization, and so people embraced Islaam in large numbers.

In rebutting a statement by the Pope that Islam defies reason, his eminence stated:

This is incorrect, a lie, Allah the glorified informed us of the religion of Islaam saying:
{Indeed, therein is a reminder for those who have hearts or give ear while they are heedful.}

Islam came in accordance to man's natural disposition. Sound intelligence is in accordance to the correct natural disposition of mankind and cannot contradict authentic scripture. The Islamic legislation came with what the correct natural disposition of mankind and intelligence affirms, not with anything that contradicts reason.
The Mufti went on to affirm the Islamic stance towards the previous religions that were revealed to previous Prophets:

It is to believe in all the prophets, to affirm that they are indeed true prophets who sincerely advised their nations, conveyed Allaah's messages and established the proofs. The nation of Muhammad is as Allaah said:

{Thus We have made you a just nation}

On the Day of Resurrection, the prophets will bear witness that they conveyed the message to their nations. His eminence added:

\"Our stance is that we believe in all the messengers, however, we believe that Allah abrogated all previous legislations with the legislation of Islam. Allah has obligated believing in Muhammad, may peace be upon him, as well as following him. We believe in Moses, Jesus and all the other Prophets of Allaah, however we only act upon this legislation [of Islaam].


Translated by: Abu ‘Abdul Waahid, Nadir Ahmad<br><br>Post edited by: admin, at: 2006/09/28 19:46

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