Rise in Islamophobia

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Muslim student rights pushed

A report issued by the Canadian Federation of Students is asking Muslim students to stand up and take action if post-secondary schools in Ontario do not follow the Human Rights Code to accommodate them.

After a task force met with almost 1,000 Muslim students across Ontario, the group recommended that students who experience "Islamphobic" or racist acts should immediately report it to a campus office and the Ontario Human Rights Commission.

"The Human Rights Code is only as strong as the use people make out of it," Jesse Greener, Ontario chairman of the Canadian Federation of Students, said at a news conference unveiling the report yesterday at the U of T.


"One of our recommendations is that students, on a case-by-case basis and in a collective format as well if possible, need to actually exercise rights under the Human Rights Code. We want to lay out some of the ways for people to do that."

Over the coming months, Greener plans to share his group's findings with university and college presidents. The group makes recommendations in 11 categories and stresses issues like providing Halal food at a reasonable cost, offering prayer space and increasing flexibility for assignment due dates and exam scheduling to allow for Friday prayer.

"People shouldn't have to change their values when they come to campus," said Mohamed Sheibani, president of the Muslim Students' Association for Canada and the United States.

One of the obvious dilemmas for universities is trying to accommodate all religions and ethnic groups on campuses.

It is not surprising that over the last several years, there has been increasingly negative sentiment amongst Canadian society towards Muslim. Gone are the days that a 'Muslim Guy' moving in next door was a good thing eh. Seeing that Muslims aren't loud party-goers, conservative, non-alcoholics with a religion steeped in morals and manners. These days, practising Muslims are looked at with suspicion. The problem is that the media has painted all practising Muslims with one brush, made the issue 'black and white' if you will.

So the decent Muslim is the guy named 'Mo' (as in Muhammad) who's clean-cut and doesn't do that 5 daily prayer thing at the office. As for Muhammad, the practising guy with the beard, then who knows? Obviously his orthodox look would make him a 'fundamentalist' (a strange term, as if sticking to one's fundamentals is negative). I mean, Bin Laden has a beard, so do all his friends!

It seems like a primitive outlook, however, it's this cut-and-dry these days. Orthodox Jews are Orthodox Jews, Orthodox, Conservative and Evangelical Christians are just that, but Orthodox Practising Muslims - 'fundamentalists, terrorist-minded, anti-Canadian, hateful' pick a term. This is a not a rant for all practising Muslims who are peaceful citizens but a realisation for the reader, that media scaremongering and mass-misinformation takes it's toll and shapes the minds of the Public without them even knowing it, all it takes is to be practising Muslim post 9/11 to know it.

For example,

Salafis, Their Scholars and Terrorism

From Shee'ah Heresy to Saudi Radicalism!

So people might say 'it is part of the world we live in' and perhaps it is, but in this age of technology, education and awareness, shouldn't we take it upon ourselves to explore Islam and make our own determinations?

Research Islam from the source:

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