Muslims don't believe in Jesus?

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Aisha Amadei created the topic: Muslims don't believe in Jesus?
Assalamu alaaiakum wa rhatullahi wa barakatahu

One of the biggest misconceptions about Islam, Is that Muslims don’t believe in Jesus (Isa).. Most of the western society is Christian...And for them to accept a religion that doesn't take Jesus(Isa) as the \"Son of God\" is out of the question...Some even believe that Muslims don believe in Jesus at all. Such as being a prophet...

The reason I know this is because I was Christian before I reverted to Islam. But Alhadulilah I found the truth....

Yes it is true that Muslims don't believe Jesus is \"the son of God\" But Jesus is A messenger Of Allah. And As a messenger he was Sent with the same message \" worship only Allah\"..

But people changed the message and poisoned the people by telling them to worship Jesus as God...

Jesus (Isa) Is mentioned in the quran Also

Allah says “ And surely they slew him not. But Allah raised him unto Himself.”
(Holy Qur'an, Surah Nisaa, Verse 157-158

So I wanted to clear the misconception About Jesus and Islam If there are any other misconceptions about Jesus pls post them up….

JazakAllah khair

Wa alaiakum assalam wa rhtaullahi wabarakatahu<br><br>Post edited by: admin, at: 2006/04/05 23:38

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We hope to publish more audio lectures on addressing the 'reality' of Jesus in Islam. Look forward to those in the coming weeks.

In the mean time, these sections could be of use:

Jesus - The Messenger of Allah:;Itemid=43&lang=

Jesus the Lord or Jesus the Messenger:;Itemid=48&lang=

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