Freedom of the niqab

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This is a letter to the editor I wrote to the Globe and Mail newspaper on November 25 2006. My short piece was in response to Tarek Fateh's article entitled "An Appeal to Muslim Women - Reject the Niqab" which was published in the Globe on November 22. The simple purpose of my letter was to convey to non-Muslim readers that wearing niqab is a comforting experience that is done for the sake of Allah’s pleasure. Although many people express a vast array of negative views towards niqab, few seem to show even slight understanding of what those who are wearing it are trying to accomplish. The letter was my attempt to cause more non-Muslims to see the wearing of niqab as a religious act as opposed to one that is cultural or political. Perhaps even to understand the noble purposes it stands for. Here is what showed up in the Globe and Mail of my letter to the editor that day:

Freedom of the niqab

We women who freely and happily choose to wear the niqab find comfort in knowing that wearing it is a form of worship of Allah and is an act that can yield His reward (An Appeal To Muslim Women: Reject the Niqab - Nov. 22).

By wearing it, we are not seeking to be obedient to men or lower our status in the sight of others, but rather we are trying to earn Allah's pleasure and to raise our status in His sight.

The niqab helps to shield us from indecent exposure, immoral actions, and strange men who may harm us when their desires are incited. And it preserves religious values, praiseworthy virtues and worth that is proportionate to one's level of piety.

That is why you can find me, a Canadian citizen, as well as other Muslim women whose races range from white to black, all observing the niqab in the West and throughout the world because we come together under this same goal. We are showing ourselves to be the slaves of Allah and not the slaves of strange men, superficial social expectations, or our own vain desires. And what freedom this is.

Umm Asma, Toronto
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assalamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh!

I love this article! JazakiAllahu khayran!

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as salamu 3alaykum wa ra7matullah wa barakatuh

mashALLAH tabarakALLAH yaa ukhti,this is so beautifull, may ALLAH reward u for sheding some lite on this matter to the noin muslim & muslims alike..very poemish..hehe..may ALLAH guide these who r oppressing their own muslim sisters..ALLAHul musta3an!
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