It is not just to hold Christians accountable...

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In the name of Allaah, Ar Rahmaan, Ar Raheem;

Misconception: It is not just to hold Christians accountable for following a man who was not sent to them.

Christians say:

Indeed Allah (God) is just, and it is not just to hold us accountable on the day of resurrection for following a man who wasn’t sent to us. We don’t even have a book of his in our language and he never sent callers to us.

The response to this misconception is from a number of angles:

Firstly: They have read this Book (Quran) in Arabic and debated about it contents. However, if they are able to understand it in other than the Arabic language, then this is even stronger in establishing the proof upon them, because it is possible for them to understand what it contains in Arabic and then explain it to their people in another language.

Secondly: Just as they make others understand what is in their books, which are in Hebrew, by translating them into Arabic for Arab Christians, and establishing the proof upon them by doing so, then it is more so the case that the proof is established upon them with Arabic books, because Arabic is a language that is more wide spread than Hebrew as well as being more eloquent, richer, more complete and easier to understand. This makes information in Arabic easier to translate into other languages for non-Arabs due to its comprehensiveness and the great number of people who speak it.

Christian scholars read books of medicine, mathematics, philosophy and so on in the Arabic language, so what prevents them from reading the Quran and it’s explanations in Arabic as well as the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad, may the Salat and Salam of Allah be upon him?

Summarized from: Al Jawab As Saheeh | The Correct Response: Volume 1 / P.328.
Author: Shaykh Islam ibn Taymiyah - 728 H. | 1327 A.D.<br><br>Post edited by: admin, at: 2006/04/17 00:41

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