Non-Muslims should be forced with Islam?

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Islam, due to its mercy upon all people, preserves the rights of even those who are in opposition to it. It affords them the freedom of having their own beliefs and methods of worship; rather it provides security for them as well as their centers of worship. It preserves them, their wealth and their children; it prohibits transgression upon them entirely, except with just cause.

Freedom of Belief or Creed

Islam’s preservation of the freedom of creed is extremely clear in the saying of Allah the Exalted:

“There is no compulsion in religion. Indeed, the right path has become distinct from the wrong path.” [Al Baqarah: 256]

Ibn Katheer, the renowned interpreter of the Quran, states:

“Meaning: Do not compel anyone to embrace the religion of Islam, for indeed it is a clear and understandable religion that is supported by manifest evidences and proofs. One does not need to compel anyone to embrace it.”

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16 years 9 months ago #66 by Sajid al-Hindi
Sajid al-Hindi replied the topic: Re:Non-Muslims should be forced with Islam?
As salaamu alaykum,
My Hindu colleague asked me that if Islaam gave the freedom to Non-Muslims to have their own beliefs and methods of worship, then why did Prophet Muhammad(sallalaahu alayhi wa sallam) order the idols in the Kaaba to be destroyed? Also, if Islaam provides security to the centers of worship then why were the idols destroyed and why were the Mushriks expelled out of Mecca and Arabia?

Please reply as soon as possible.

JazakAllah khayr,
Sajid Chauhan

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16 years 8 months ago #68 by Nadir Ahmad
Nadir Ahmad replied the topic: Re:Non-Muslims should be forced with Islam?
Wa alaykum as salaam wa Rahamtulaah.

There is a difference between allowing non-Muslims to practice their own religions, and allowing them to do so in our OWN Masaajid.

When the Prophet, 'Alayhi as salaat was salaam, took over Makkah, Al Masjid al Haraam was now a Muslim Masjid, and therefore we do not allow non-Muslims to practice their religions in it, whatever those religions are. We do not even allow Muslims to practice innovations in Masaajid. However, as the article confirmed, we do allow them to practice their own religions in their OWN places of worship.

There are exceptions to this off course, but instead of elaborating on that I would like to draw your attention to another point: it is that we do not engage in debating with non-Muslims in such intricate issues in Islaam that even most Muslims are unaware of, they don’t really need to know the details of such issues. Instead we draw them back to the main foundations of Islaam and keep calling them to that until they are convinced of the foundations of Islaam, and If they are, they would insha-Allaah embrace Islaam and everything else would fall into place.

There are many examples on how to implement this, and example that I can give is that a non-Muslim once asked:

Do you believe that women have feelings such as jealousy just like anyone else?

The reply was yes, of course?

Then how could Islam condone polygamy and allow…etc?

The response, instead of debating about polygamy, was:

Yes, jealousy is present in humans, but in Islaam we believe in jealousy in a much higher level. Since it is God alone who created you …e.t.c…then how can you present worship to others and share the relation of God and servant with other than your creator, such as Jesus…etc. There is a Hadeeth where the Messenger of Allaah, 'Alayhi as salaat was salaam states:

Allaah says: \"I have absolutely no need of having partners and whoever presents a form of worship where he associates others with me, I will forsake him and his partner.\"

In another Hadeeth:

\"A believer has jealousy and Allaah's Jealousy is greater.\"


\"No one is more jealous than Allaah, and this is why He prohibited all forms of evil deeds.\"

So how can you allow yourself to worship other than you creator if you beleive in jealousy?

And the debate turned into a Tawheed/Shirk debate which would be of much greater benefit to non-Muslims and which they have no grounds to stand on when tackling this issue.

The point is, debating with them about subsidiary issues in Islaam would not help much and they don’t need to know such details about Islaam which may turn them away from Islaam due to the way they have been raised to think, so always try and draw them back to the foundations of Islaam, and find out what issues they don’t believe in, and debate with them in those issues.

Take a look at how the noble Muhadith and Faqeeh, Al Albaani tackles the issue:

You do not start by responding to this person's misconception, you start with the issue of whether he believes if Allaah created this world or not, then you keep progressing downwards until you reach this particular issue of disbelief, and then it can be thwarted. But how can you skip all these stages, and try to save him from misguidance with this particular issue?! He is a disbeliever in the foundation, a disbeliever in Allaah the majestic, and you're trying to convince him that Allaah, who is non existent according to him, is just?\"

Barak Allaahu feeka ya, May Allaah bless this person with Islaam, and bless you with the reward.

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