Islam's War on Terror - A Clarification to the Media

Allah is the creator of the heavens and the earth and all else that exists. Learn about your creator and why you should submit to his will and accept Islam.

  Speaker: Abu Khadeejah (of Salafipublications in the UK) Source: Given:  2005



A 'Crystal-Clear' explanation of the stance of the Pure and clear Islam (Following the Qur'an, the Sunnah (way) of Muhammad, May Allaah Raise His Rank and Grant Him Peace upon the understanding of the Prophet's Companions and those scholars who inherited knowledge from them),  A clarification of the 'Salafees', in regards to Terrorism and the methods of terror: suicide bombings, declaring Muslim states to be apostate, declaring the lives and wealth of non-Muslims to be worthless and open to murder and other sources of evil. An important lecture which reflects on the position of the Salafee scholars throughout the ages against these criminal-minded individuals and their modern-day movements. A stark contrast to some of the misinformation in the media in recent years, linking these extremist factions to 'Salafiyyah' (or as on off-shot, instead of making the documented connection between the extremist groups and their 20th century mentors such as Sayyid Qutb, Maududi, al-Banna and their theologies who paved the way for others who even considered salafee scholars as apostates!). In truth, some writers have tried to base their research on factual statements coming to the determination that 'radicalism' is an agenda foreign to traditional Islamic values; imported to Islam and the Muslims, making the real distinction between orthodox Islam and the extremists, whilst many have penned wild opinions without founding which have misled many (especially from the Muslim writers themselves). For those who wish to explore the facts and contrast the evidence, this lecture will make the affair quite clear.
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