Knowing our Creator by His Names and Attributes

Left on their own, people can conclude that a Creator exists, but cannot come to a completely correct understanding of what Attributes this Creator possesses. They will tend to either conjure up an image of the Creator which resembles a created being, or will reduce the Creator to being an imaginary, being-less force.

  Author: Haneef James Oliver  Source: Published: 2006
  The one who likens Him to His creation forms a picture of a created being in his mind, and this can only be done by likening Him to something which he has witnessed in his lifetime. Hence, he ends up worshipping an idol. Likewise, the one who attempts to flee from this by reducing the greatness of the Creator to the realm of philosophical conjecture ends up worshiping nothingness. The one who affirms all of Allaah’s authentic Names and Attributes without likening them in nature to any created thing frees himself from the extremes of these two poles.
Haneef James Oliver 


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