Support - Add Your Monthly Pledge!! is a 100% non-profit project, funded by donations. The site is organised and maintained under the supervision of  'The Reign of Islamic Da'wah Centre' in Toronto, Canada. We are not funded by any government, charity or organisation. Our viability is maintained by the will of Allah, the ever-Merciful, through the kind donations of our supporters (locally and international) and through the sales of items from our store (local and online).

The Reign of Islamic Da'wah is a unique non-profit orginization which strives hard to spread pure Islam to the Muslims and non-Muslims alike. We continue to broaden our spectrum of da'wah activities and is the launching pad in a long list of Islamic Information projects. Through time, we hope to fortify with continuing weekly updates (articles/audios) in addition to news and added forums. If Allah wills, we hope to establish donation drives to supply tens of thousands of our da'wah pamphlets throughout the Americas and beyond.

Here is a basic summary of our expenses -

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A Small Pledge, A Great Benefit

Imagine a gateway towards clarifying Islam to the global audience that requires only a small amount of support. Tens of thousands of people each month could benefit from this effort, now is your opportunity to add your support:

“And whatsoever you spend of anything (in the cause of Allah), He will replace it. He is the Best of those who grants sustenance.” [Qur'an, Saba‘ 34:39]

The Prophet Muhammad (sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam) said, "Whoever calls to guidance will have a reward similar to the reward of the one who follows him, without the reward of either of them being lessened at all." [Related by Muslim (8/61)]

“And those who give that (their charity) which they give (and also do other good deeds) with their hearts full of fear (whether their alms and charities, etc., have been accepted or not), because they are sure to return to their Lord (for reckoning).” [Qur'an, Mu‘minoon 23:60] features:

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